How to Backup Chats on GBWhatsApp

Like the official WhatsApp, we can always back up the chats or GB WhatsApp the same way we do on the official one. The chat backup relives from getting deletion of the chats odd even due to some error the GB WhatsApp my need to get uninstalled. GB WhatsApp is a modded version of the official WhatsApp with extra features and tweaks.

We can use dual WhatsApp accounts in the same device with the help of GB WhatsApp for Android devices. GB WhatsApp not only letters having two WhatsApp accounts in the same device but we can also do various customizations and tweaks in the GB WhatsApp. There are various features of the GB WhatsApp for Android device which includes the translator support in the chats, ability to block WhatsApp calls are also available in the GB WhatsApp feature. There are more tweaks available in the GB WhatsApp including hiding online status, tweaking double ticks on GB WhatsApp etc.

Steps to create a backup on GB WhatsApp:

Use the following guide to create chat backup on GB WhatsApp in your Android devices. Read the guide carefully before performing the chat backup on your GB WhatsApp.

  1. To back up your chat of GB WhatsApp makes sure that you have set the destination to save the chat backup for GB WhatsApp.
  2. Usually, by default GB WhatsApp select the device G drive to save the chat backup, and WhatsApp also saves the chat backup in the GB WhatsApp folder in your internal memory.
  3. To perform the backup of the GB WhatsApp you have to type on the three vertical dots to access the menu of the GB WhatsApp.
  4. Now tap on the chat option from the new window of the GB WhatsApp menu.

  1. From the next window, you get to select the backup chat option from the GB WhatsApp.

  1. Wait for few moments to back up your chat into cloud storage and local internal drive.

  1. The time taken to back up the chat depends on the size of the chats you are having in your GB WhatsApp.
  2. Once it’s done it will show backup completed in the notification.
  3. you can always use this backup to restore the account of GB WhatsApp in case you had to do a hard reset on your Android device or in any case the GB WhatsApp gets deleted or uninstalled.
  4. You can always turn on the auto backup of the chat of the GB WhatsApp, in case you forget about making updates manually.


We have researched on the internet about the backing up of chats on GB WhatsApp. We have also provided the step by step guide to successfully backup chats and media on GB WhatsApp. Share this article with other GB WhatsApp users so that they can also back up the chats and media files in case, they needed to save this for future reference. By backing up this chat, we can always restore the GB WhatsApp in any other device or the same device from this chat back up.